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Overview of the ESD measuring equipment

Our rental services are limited to the EU region only. For outside EU, please contact a local ESD test equipment rental company. 

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The electrometer or walking test kit is suitable for the registration of electrostatic charge during a person’s movement. Registration of the accumulated electrostatic charge is performed digitally, over a longer duration. Using an internal battery, the electrometer can be attached to an object moving on wheels. To obtain correct measurements, it is vital to ground the device.

These measurements are ideal to check trolleys and other rolling equipment that is used in an EPA. The device is suitable for measurements adhering to IEC61340-4-5 standards. The operator is grounded through ESD flooring.

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High impedance meter

The high impedance meter is a measuring device for resistivity, using an adjustable measurement voltage. The international ESD norms prescribe that this type of measurements be performed on surfaces with volumes of 100V DC. A regular multimeter uses a measuring voltage of ~4.5V, making it inapplicable. The measuring accuracy as a result of the internal construction falls rapidly with higher resistivities. ESD-safe materials have as a common property that the surface resistivity is very high. 

The high impedance meter is suitable for measurements adhering to IEC61340-2-3 (test methods for ESD safe materials), -4-1 (ESD flooring), -4-5 (operator-grounding using ESD floors) and -4-9 (ESD-garment).

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Mini probe

When using thermoplastic, vacuum packaging, it is important to know the resistivity of the entire surface, including thermoformed parts. A standard ESD measuring probe is not suitable here, due to its size. 

The mini probe can be used for measurements that fall under the norm IEC61340-2-3 (test methods for ESD safe materials).

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Ring probe

When creating reproductible measurements of surface, volume and electric resistivity, it is preferable to use a concentric ring probe. The fact that you don’t have to lift this probe during measurement, increases the quality of the result. Because the ring probe presses the surface with regular weight, it easily reproduces the measuring results. Measurements of the concentric ring probe are specified in IEC61340-2-3 (test methods for ESD safe materials).

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Resistance probe

The regular resistance probe weighs 2.27 kg, and is suitable for all measurements to flooring, chairs, garments and synthetic surfaces. Depending on the application, the device can (if combined with some supporting utensils) also be used for surface resistivity and volume resistivity measurements.

Applications are specified in IEC61340-2-3, (test methods for ESD-safe materials), -4-1 (ESD flooring), -4-5 (operator-grounding using ESD floors), -4-9 (ESD garments).

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Charge plate monitor

To calibrate and adjust the ionizers, apply a charged plate monitor (CPM). Total ESD Solutions holds of 2 types: a basic model to adjust table ionizers with a large distance between the table surface and the ionizer. And an advanced model which can also be used for measuring inside machines or closed spaces. This device additionally comes with a charged plate 15 x 15 cm (standard size) and 2.5 x 2.5 cm. 

The way to make fine adjustments in ionizers is described in IEC61340-4-7 (ionizers).

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Back rest probe

The back rest probe is developed specifically to check chairs. The testing of chairs is not separately described in an ESD measuring method, but is added as an appendix to IEC61340-2-3 (test methods for ESD safe materials).

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Garment clamps

Garment clamps are used to measure the resistivity of ESD garment. In particular, they are used for measuring the resistivity from sleeve to sleeve. A special hanger is provided with the clamps, ensuring total insulation from the surroundings. This then also applies to the garments under scrutiny. Additionally, this testing method is highly applicable to environments with a small amount of surfaces.

The clamps, and how to use them, can be found in IEC613-40-4-9.

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Bench top ionizer

This mobile ionizer eliminates the electric charges of whichever surface required. In this case, that means an electric potential of 0. This reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge in the working environment, meaning that ESD-sensitive equipment is better protected during assembly and service.

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